Thursday, June 29, 2006

The "Alternative Primatial Oversight" ticker

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1. Diocese of Fort Worth (6/19)
2. Diocese of San Joaquin (6/24)
3. Diocese of Springfield (6/26)
4. Diocese of South Carolina (6/28)
5. Diocese of Pittsburgh (6/28)
6. Diocese of Central Florida (6/29)
7. Diocese of Dallas* (7/3)

*asking for direct primatial oversight from Canterbury

In related news,
Big Parishes Leaving ECUSA (aka TEC)

1. Christ Church, Plano TX (6/24)
2. Christ Church, San Antonio (7/16)
Note: It was incorrectly reported in The Washington Times that Truro Church, Fairfax VA and the Falls Church in Falls Church, VA are leaving. That may eventually happen, but no such decision or announcement has been made.

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