Thursday, June 15, 2006

Getting your GenCon 75 news fix

If you want to keep up with the goings on at the 75th General Convention, here are a wealth of sources for news and information.

Diocese of Fort Worth (click on the side for the delegation's updates)

Fr Christopher Cantrell's blog (FW delegation)

Dallas Bishop James Stanton's blog

Ruth Glendhill's Blog from the Times of London

titusonenine (Canon Kendall Harmon's blog, many news links)

Stand Firm (includes Fr Matt Kennnedy's GenCon liveblog)

babyblueonline (Mary Ailes' blog)

S Carolina Deputy Lydia Evans' blog

Episcopal News Service

General Convention Daily (newspaper)

General Convention Nightly (video webcast)

ENS audio podcasts

GenCon 75 Legislation (regularly updated)

The (green) Blue Book (report to Convention)

The Windsor Report

A word on Widsor compliance from Dr NT Wright, Bp of Durham

The Living Church (independent Episcopal news magazine)

Virtuousity Online (news and conservative analysis)

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