Friday, September 23, 2005

Ordination Anniversary

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By the grace of God, I was ordained to the priesthood of the Catholic Church by Bishop Jack L. Iker at All Saints' Episcopal Church in Fort Worth, Texas on 23 September 2002. In these three years of priestly minstry, there have been many constants and many variables. I feel myself part of a heritage that is new every morning and yet as timeless as ever. I am still looking up. It is such a joy to simply be a humble worker in the Lord's vineyard. I'm sure it will take me many more years to unpack most of the meaning.
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I still go back to St. Paul's words to St. Timothy:

"Let no man despise thy youth: but be thou an example of the faithful in word, in coversation, in charity, in faith, in chastity. Till I come, attend unto reading, to exhortation, and to doctrine. Neglect not the grace that is in thee, which was given thee by prophecy, with the imposition of the hands of the priesthood. Meditate upon these things, be wholly in these things: that thy profiting may be manifest to all." (1 Timothy 4:12-15, Rheims New Testament)

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