Thursday, January 25, 2007

Conversion of St Paul

I am fascinated by the similar way in which St Paul and St Peter are commemorated. Neither has his own single feast day on his "heavenly birthday" as is custom. They share a day (June 30th) commemorating their martyrdom in Rome, although they did not die together. However, some early sources contend that they were put to death on the same day. Even more contend that it was in the same year, AD 67.

The other interesting thing is that while they share a feast day, they also both have feasts that specifically commemorate their faith. Both moments of coming to faith would be significant for the unfolding of the church's history and mission. On January 25th, we celebrate the Conversion of St Paul, and on the new church kalendar we now similarly commemorate the Confession of St Peter ("thou art the Christ") on January 19th.

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