Thursday, February 22, 2007

A one-way ticket to Palookaville

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Monday night seemed like it just wasn't her night. We have yet to see how things will work out, but I thought the following comment posted on Stand Firm was very perceptive.

It strikes me that there’s a lot of carrot and stick in the way that KJS in particular was treated here. The carrot is she’s treated as one of the primates and even given an elevated position among them. The stick is that she can lose it if ECUSA doesn’t at least put on a better pretense of complying with Windsor/Dromantine. Plus there’s a slightly stronger structure in place to protect the orthodox in ECUSA.

On the whole I’m not completely satisfied, but then the Anglican Communion has never done what I thought it should do. I think we can live with this though.


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Bill said...

I read the KJS quote but I really don’t see where she’s on the ropes. She’s performing her function as the head of an organization that must listen to all sides of an argument. Anything less would be construed as being partisan. Not that anyone in that position is not leaning one way or another. Another point is that the rank and file Episcopalians may or may not listen to what their bishops are saying. In the end it is they who must be made happy. The Laity still has a strong voice in the Episcopal Church and they usually make that voice heard through their votes. To assume that this bishop or that prelate makes the ultimate decision is quite wrong.