Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Some cool downloads

I have come across some cool liturgical pdf downloads recently.

You can find a facsimile of the Anglican Missal here.

You can find a good clean pdf of the 1920 edition of the Missale Romanum here.

And there is a beautiful and very traditional instructional missal for children here. It can also be ordered in print.


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know: this is NOT the 1962 edition of the Roman Missal. Given that one of the prefatory documents is dated 25 July 1920, it is probably the very slightly revised missal of St. Pius X, promulgated by Benedict XV; in any event, since the commemoration of St. Joseph is not found in the canon of this missal, it is definitely earlier than 1962.

Wikipedia has a good capsule history of missal revision after St. Pius V:

Roman Missal

That aside, I did download it, all 1200+ pages, and I am going to do the same with the Anglican Missal, and I very much appreciate your posting this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for picking up the detail. I didn't check it first, so I'll adjust the description.

Of course, the variations between the 1920 and 1962 editions will be minimal, as noted in your link. The only change to the ordinary will be the addition of St Joseph to the canon--the only change to the canon since at least the time of Gregory the Great.

Timothy Matkin +

Anonymous said...

I think the only change to the ordinary indeed involves the insertion of St. Joseph into the canon. There is also, of course, the elimination of "perfidis" with reference to the Jews in the Good Friday liturgy. More substantively, by 1962, the structure of the calendar had been simplified with regard to the types of liturgical days, and changes had been made to the rubrics for the Paschal Vigil (for example, in the blessing of the new fire, the lighting of the Paschal candle, and the procession) and its time of celebration. As far as I can tell from the American Edition of the Anglican Missal, it reflects, at least with regard to the calendar and the Holy Saturday rubrics, an equivalence to the Roman Missal as found in the edition under discussion.