Saturday, December 22, 2007

My blood glucose level was 91

Frankly, I hate it when people talk about their medical problems (especially on their blogs). But if you would allow me this one indulgence, I have to celebrate (and cake and ice cream are out of the question).

In mid November I was diagnosed with Type-II Diabetes. My blood glucose at that time was about 350-400. The normal range is 80-120. I've been working on it since then, and it has been coming down. I checked it again before dinner tonight and the reading was 91--the first time it has dipped below 100. So, that's just one more reason for me to have a very happy Christmas.

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Courageous Grace said...

Congratulations! I had no idea you were diabetic. My mother also recently finally got her blood sugar down to the normal range after months of struggling (after her stroke she began to receive insulin shots in the hospital and it's the only thing that seems to have worked), so I understand how excited you are. Again, congrats and Merry Christmas. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow (if you're at the 10:30 service that is)!