Wednesday, April 09, 2008

On Priestly Effeciency

I came across a wonderful old book online, which I thought I'd share. It is the First Report of the Anglo-Catholic Priests' Convention, a collection of papers presented in 1921 on the subject of "priestly efficiency." It is definitely old-school, but certainly timeless. I have read few some of the papers so far and have found them quite edifying. The black and white PDF is available here. I have posted the table of contents below.
I. The Importance of Theology by The Revd. N. P. Williams, B.D., Chaplain Fellow of Exeter College, Oxford.
II. The Study of Holy Scripture by The Revd. Canon H. L. Goudge, D.D., Professor of New Testament Interpretation, King's College, London.
III. The Christian Faith and the Unbelief of To-day by The Revd. C. F. Rogers, M.A., Professor of Pastoral Theology, King's College, London.
IV. The Study of Dogmatic Theology by The Revd. Canon W. J. Sparrow Simpson, D.D., Chaplain of St. Mary's Hospital, Ilford.
V. The Study of Moral Theology by The Revd. Prebendary L. A. Phillips, M.A., Principal of Lichfield Theological College.

VI. The Conduct of Worship by The Revd. S. R. P. Moulsdale, B.D., Principal of St. Chad's College, Durham.
VII. The Holy Eucharist by The Revd. Prebendary H. F. B. Mackay, M.A., Vicar of All Saints' Church, Margaret Street, W.
VIII. Confession and Direction by The Revd. G. C. Rawlinson, M.A., Assistant Priest of Saint Barnabas' Church, Pimlico, S.W.
IX. The Teaching of Children by The Revd. A. H. B aver stock, M.A., Rector of Hinton Martel, Dorset.
X. The Teaching of Adolescents by The Revd. Canon Francis L. Underhill, M.A., Vicar of St. Alban's Church, Birmingham.
XI The Teaching of Adults by The Revd. J. J. G. Stockley, M.A., Rector of Wolverhampton.

XII. The Ideal of Priesthood by The Revd. J. C. H. How, M.A., The Oratory of the Good Shepherd, Cambridge.
XIII. The Priest's Rule of Life by The Revd. Canon C. Newell Long, M.A., Warden of the Birmingham Diocesan House, Coleshill.
XIV. Meditation by The Revd. David Jenks, M.A., Society of the Sacred Mission, Kelham.
XV. Prayer by The Revd. Father Denys, Warden of the Benedictine Community, Pershore.
XVI. Penitence by The Revd. Francis G. Belton, B.A., Vicar of St. Patrick's Church, Birmingham.

I. The Revd. J. F. Briscoe, M.A., Rector of West Bagborough, Somerset
II. The Revd. Arthur Montford, M.A., Vicar of the Church of the Ascension, Lavender
Hill, S.W.


Abu Daoud said...

Nothing on foreign mission?!? Unfortunate...

Fr Timothy Matkin said...

Given that the focus is on practical concerns for domestic pastors, I'm not too surprised. The Anglo-Catholic Congresses do address foreign missions, I believe.