Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sad to see him go

As announced (see below), Bishop Keith Ackerman of Quincy will be retiring on All Saints' Day. It is sad to see him go, but I know it is something that has been coming. Many of us who admire him most have been concerned that he might be working himself to an early grave. It is time for some rest. At Nashotah House, he was considered a chaplain and friend to all the students, and greatly respected by them. Perhaps he will find some relaxed role such as that to focus on in retirement. The world has been a better place with this godly bishop. Thank you, Your Grace, for your service.

The Right Reverend Keith L. Ackerman, VIIIth Bishop of Quincy, has announced to the Standing Committee his retirement as Diocesan Bishop effective November 1st, 2008. Bishop Ackerman has reached this decision after much thought and prayer. The Bishop and his wife Jo conferred with his physicians, many trusted friends, and the Standing Committee before making this decision. While Bishop Ackerman is retiring from his administrative duties as executive officer of the Diocese, he plans to remain in the area of the Diocese for some time and will make himself available, under arrangement with the Standing Committee, to perform Episcopal acts and provide spiritual counsel to members of the Diocese, as have Bishop Donald Parsons and Bishop Edward MacBurney, the VIth and VIIth Bishops of Quincy. Under diocesan canons, the Standing Committee will continue to act as the ecclesiastical authority of the diocese, as they have since the Bishop’s sabbatical began in late August. Day to day operations of the diocese will continue to be handled by the various officers and department heads. Bishop Ackerman wants to assure everyone that he has no intention of abandoning the diocese but will continue to provide spiritual and pastoral support as asked by the Standing Committee.

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Matthew the Curmudgeon said...

Yes, it is sad for you traditional Christians of the Anglican persuasion. I am sure Ms. S is licking her lips waiting to fill his position with a homosexual, cross-dressing, effeminate male or female.
Can't imagine how fast the parish churches will empty.
Be at peace, how bad can it get?