Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chastity rings

This English girl was banned from wearing her chastity ring in school. She is a fan of the Jonas Brothers, who have helped popularize the jewelry. The reported reason for the prohibition was that it did not comply with the dress code, and that the ring "would be extremely dangerous in PE, technology or science lessons." Extremely dangerous? Perhaps telling is that the head of school, who made that statement, does not wear a wedding band (another kind of chastity ring) herself. Then she would realize that even if it does not comply with the dress code, it is not extremely dangerous.

You can read the article here.


Anonymous said...

I have a chastity/celibacy ring, myself. I chose the James Avery "Martin Luther Wedding Ring" design in Sterling as my "sign". I may or may not be married in this life...we'll see. But as one in the process to become a priest,it is an important reminder for me of my fidelity to Jesus Christ...of celibacy and chastity in singleness...and continued chastity in marriage...many people don't know about that second part having a part in marriage. As to this girl...good for her. I think she is capable of taking it off in PE and Science class...and wearing it the rest of the day without causing the school to burn down. Sheesh!!! This PCness(which is what it really is)gets on my nerves.

BDP <><

Fr. Christopher Cantrell SSC said...

Father - I have just tagged you!

jessica said...

this is ridiculous! every institution has dress a code rule which you agree to when you sign the papers! and to make such a loose comment that the woman who told her to take off the ring probably didnt wear her wedding band..well that is just so childish!