Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Vicar of Dr Pepper

Each June, the city of Dublin changes its name for a week to Dr Pepper to help celebrate the birthday of Dublin Dr Pepper. Each celebration has a theme as well; this year it was The Wizard of Oz.


dopel said...

Looks like FUN

Susan said...

Loved the photos. We have all missed your posts on the blog.

Pcasso said...

You and your family all look so happy in your new surroundings, therefore I'm happy for you. You are missed at St. Alban's but I'm sure that you're where God wants you (for now ;-) Please continue to blog as it's an easy way to keep up with your comings and goings. Have a Dr. Pepper on me!
Fondly, Pat

Matthew M said...

Gotta LOVE that Original Dr. Pepper made with 'pure cane sugar from Hawaii"! There are a couple of stores that 'import' it from Texas to Southern California. Once a year I try to get a case (or at least a 6 pack) to have on hand and enjoy.
Glad you can enjoy it. Maybe Texas is the new 'Promised Land'!