Friday, December 11, 2009

Kissers and Smashers

Here's a nice little article on iconoclasm from Christian History. I just have one question: If you are not a smasher, why aren't you a kisser?

For many in the West today, Orthodox devotion to icons seems odd, especially the practice of kissing them. And when we learn that for a hundred-plus years in the early Middle Ages arguments raged over pictures of Jesus, causing one of the greatest political, cultural and religious upheavals in Christian History—well, we just don't understand it. What is it about icons that created such a stir, and what do they represent to the Orthodox?

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FrGregACCA said...

Just a bit of FYI: the author of this article, Dr. Brad Nassiff, is himself Orthodox (cradle, became Evangelical for a time, then returned) even while teaching at an Evangelical school.

ikons: the anti-idols.

steph_kris said...

Hello Father Matkin! I will be visiting family in Comanche over the holidays. Will you be having a Christmas Eve service?

Anonymous said...

Yes. 7pm in Dublin and 10pm in Comanche, as well as 11am on Xmas Day in Comanche.