Monday, November 22, 2010

New Advent wreath

This week, I finished constructing a new Advent wreath for Trinity Church in Dublin, one of the mission congregations I serve. I am grateful to the women of the church who donated the funds. It came out to less than $300 for the supplies (candles, sockets, followers, wood, paint, garland, chains and hooks). If that sounds steep, just consider that the same thing from a church supply company would be $600 to $1,2000!

It was not too complicated. I basically cut a ring out of wood, painted it green, wrapped it in garland, and attached candle sockets and chains to it. A white candle will hang in the center at Christmas. This wreath is a little over 30" in diameter. It replaces a home Advent wreath (about 6" diameter) that was set on a little table in the church in previous years.

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