Saturday, February 25, 2012

A little vestment work

This year, I committed myself to using my Roman-purple-on-violet damask vestment set for St. Mary's in Hamilton. The reason is to force myself to complete the set. I made everything but the stole about five years ago (and bought the fabric about 12 years ago). On Fat Tuesday, I finally finished the stole.

Now I'm posting this so I'll have thrown my hat over the ring and commit to making the Roman-purple-on-rose plain damask vestment set for Laetare Sunday. I've already got the orphreys cut and ironed.

Also of interest, I came across a new eBay supplier of vestment fabrics and galloons: Liturgical Vestments. They specialize in Eastern Orthodox brocades, but may are very usuable in western vestments (especially for trim). Check them out.

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