Monday, February 20, 2006

I take my stand

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The Most Rev'd and Rt Honorable Lord Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

Thanks to Kendall for bringing out the great ++Rowan quotes.

From the ACC Presidential Address:
“So there are two issues coming out of this that need patient study. What is the nature of a holy and Christ-like life for someone who has consistent homosexual desires? And what is the appropriate discipline to be applied to the personal life of the pastor in the Church?”

From the Global South Encounter:
“The Church overall, the Church of England in particular, the Anglican Communion has not been persuaded that same-sex sex can be holy and blessed. Were it to decide that by some process--unimaginable to most of you--it would be by an overwhelming consensus and only at that point would it be possible to say in the name of the Church, this is holy and blessed. So I take my stand with the Church of England, with the Communion, with the majority of Christians through the ages.”

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Fr Timothy Matkin said...

Archbishop Williams said the following on February 17 at the World Council of Churches assembly in Porto Alegre, Brazil:

“I believe if there is ever to be a change in the discipline and teaching of the Anglican Communion on this matter it should not be the decision of one Church alone.”