Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Old priests and young priests

I thought these comments in a July 10th sermon from the Bishop of Ebbsfleet ring true:

"We [older clergy] shall probably need to be a little less slavishly Roman: we shall need to be a bit more RSV and a bit less Jerusalem bible; a bit more on with fine liturgical music and a bit less indebted to 1970s folk masses; a bit more damask and a bit less polyester. It will require some of us older priests, brought up with Vatican II reforms, to be more patient and understanding towards some of the younger priests, with their maniples and miraculous medals. They come from a different culture, an age of heritage and retro, not an age of lunar landing and futurism."

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FrGregACCA said...

Can anyone say, "swinging pendulum"?

The comments on vestments also brought to mind something else: "Nietzche's eternal return is really only a statement about fashion".