Saturday, September 02, 2006

"Pastor's 2 Cents" is about $0.02 short

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Fr. Jim DeBruycker, the Pastor of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Minneapolis has long gotten a hefty share of attention for being on the cutting edge. This time it's advertising an annual LBGT retreat and a local Eucharist celebrated by one of the recently ordained Catholic womanpriests (of which the local archbishop is fully aware, but silent). But I say what deserves attention is Fr. Jim's recent lame-brained column in the Sunday parish bulletin.

. . . The answer to the question, “Whose brain fart was it to put communion ministers in the middle of the church?” is me. I have had a whole diaper full of brain farts in my life. This is just the latest. Of course manure is the best fertilizer.

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Fr Timothy Matkin said...

Fr. Jim joked about response to his column in the Sunday homily. He said one lady sent him an email with the message. "Don't forget to change your diaper."