Friday, August 08, 2008

Let the games begin

I don't enjoy the summer Olympics as much as the winter games, just because the events don't seem as interesting, but it's still fun to have them going on. Sadly, the games are being hosted by an oppressive nation. It's not the first time (the games were held in Berlin in 1936, in Tokyo and Nazi Germany in 1940, and in Moscow in 1980). But hopefully, this is more a part of China's freer future than it is its recent oppressive past.
Let the games begin, and in the birthplace of fireworks, let the fireworks begin. What is the Olympic sport you enjoy watching the most? For me, I enjoy boxing, badminton, diving, pole vaulting, and some of the shorter races.

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Myriad Creative Concepts said...

Seeing your pictures of the Opening Ceremonies, I wish I had watched them last night! My favorite Olympic sport is bobsledding but I don't think I will be seeing that this time around. I'm glad that you brought up how repressive China has been and remains. It is impossible for me to fathom what the Tibetan people have been through. Let's hope that China will indeed have a freer future. Until then, bring on the bobsleds!

P. S. I like your site, Father.