Friday, April 09, 2010

Diocesan Anglican-Orthodox dialogue

The dialogue committee for the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth and the Diocese of the South of the Orthodox Church in America met today in the library of St. Vincent's Cathedral school. From left to right: Fr Timothy Matkin, Fr Ron Drummond, Metropolitan Jonah (OCA), Fr Christopher Cantrell, Bishop Jack Iker, Fr Chuck Hough, Fr Joseph Fester (OCA), and Fr John Jordan. Several representatives from the Orthodox diocese were not able to be present because of distance/travel.


Anonymous said...


What do you see as the end result of this dialogue? I seem to remember some comments by other priests in the diocese that perhaps aren't as enthusiastic as I am about the dialogue with the OCA(these comments coming after the initial meeting between y'all and the OCA.)

BigTex AC

Fr Timothy Matkin said...

It hard to say what the end RESULT will be, but clearly the goal is full eucharistic communion. We'll have to depend on the Holy Spirit when it comes to results. But even if the goal is not reached in our lifetime, I think it will be a mutually enriching process.