Saturday, May 03, 2008

Together for the sake of the Gospel

Amos 3:3
"Can two walk together, without being in agreement?"
The Most Rev'd Gregory Venables, Primate of the Southern Cone, (pictured left) visited with Bishop Iker and the clergy of the diocese yesterday. It was a joy to welcome his presence among us and experience a true fellowship in the Gospel. He will be visiting with the people of the diocese this Saturday and Sunday. I thank him for his graciousness, love, and concern. It is wonderful to know that we have friends on the front lines of Christian mission all the way to Cape Horn.

Reports: Fr Randall Foster from the cathedral has a nice and very appreciative summary, "Venables in Diocese of Fort Worth." For a picture behind the scenes, take a look at Pat Salazar's account, "Bonnell's, Buffalo, and the Archbishop." For sarcasm and ridicule, don't forget to check out Katie Sherrod's entry, "Jesus loves me but he's not so sure about you."

Steering Committee Drops F-Bomb on Venables: In their press release, the Steering Committee (which aims to be the unelected TEC replacement standing committee come November, as far as I can gather) noted: "Venables graciously and ably presented the fundamentalist case for a literal interpretation of selected scripture. He also continued to misstate the position of our presiding bishop and the Episcopal Church regarding the role of Christ in salvation and characterized Christianity as an 'intolerant' faith." Given some of the people I know on the committee who should know better, I was surprised that they seem to think that any Christian who is not an outright revisionist must be a fundamentalist. To me, that seems pretty clueless. Perhaps it is just an attempt to return the favor to those who have used "the R-word" about them.

Audio: To listen to Archbishop Venables at St John's in Vancouver, click here. More audio should be accessible soon.

Video: Below is a video from Anglican TV of Archbishop Venables conducting a seminar on Anglicanism as well as his recent sermon from St James Cathedral in Fresno.

Video: Below are two short clips from Fr Cantrell of Archbishop Venables' presentation at St Vincent's Cathedral School in Beford. The first is on Jesus and the second is on the Word of God.


Anonymous said...

I would have just taken His Grace to the Railhead for some non-orgainc beef and some really, really cold beer.

BigTex AC

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for putting these videos of ++Venables on your site. He is a very learned and Godly man and it is a privilege to be able to hear what he said in California. Those who were in attendance when he also spoke in Fort Worth were truly blessed. Praise God for him and his holy ministry. Pcasso