Thursday, May 08, 2008

Turning down the red hat

I have heard mention several times of Archbishop William Laud being offered a cardinal's hat as a carrot to get him to become a Roman Catholic. Other than that, I don't know much of the story. Perhaps you could point me to more information. Here is the entry from his autobiography that mentions it:

[1633] August 4, Sunday. News came to Court the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury's death and the King resolved presently to give me, which he did, August 6.
August 4. That very morning at Greenwich there came one to me seriously and that avowed ability to perform it and offered me to be a Cardinal. I went presently to the King and acquainted hint both with the thing and the person
August 7, Wednesday. An absolute settlement between me and K.B. after I had made known my cause at large God bless me in it.
August 14, Wednesday. A report brought to me that I was poisoned.
August 17, Saturday. I had a serious offer made to me again to be a Cardinal. I was then from Court but so soon as I came thither (which was Wednesday, August 21), I acquainted his Majesty with it. But my answer again was that somewhat dwelt within me which would not suffer that till Rome were other than it is.
August 25, Sunday. My election to the Archbishopric was returned to the King then being at Woodstock.
Sept 19, Thursday. I was translated to the Archbishopric of Canterbury.

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