Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Saying goodbye to an old friend

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This was one of the first images I put on my blog, back in the spring of 2005. On the left is Ruby and on the right is Tobi.

Ruby passed away not too long after that, and Tobi just died late Sunday night.

Tobi was a very special bunny for Melisa and I, an old friend whom we miss, especially since he was connected to our relationship. He lived a pretty full life for that breed of rabbit (and outlived two girlfriends we got for him). We took him home nearly eight years ago in Waco, just after I had started seminary. We joked that he was our first-born son. We named him Tobit after the character in the Bible, and we had the reading from Tobit at our wedding.
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He was very mild natured and had a gentle disposition (rabbits CAN be fussy, believe it or not). I know he gave great comfort to Melisa while I was away at school for so long. His presence was always comforting, like he was looking out for us. His moments of play and rambunctiousness were always entertaining. And like life itself, Tobi was simply beautiful.
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Anonymous said...

Fr. Tim,

Bunnys can be every bit as loving and fun as any dog, as you well know. We had a little brown lop-eared by the name of Pansy. We named him before we realized it was a him! He would roam the back yard, come when called and scratch at the back door to come in. He would always talk to me. I miss him. I am sorry for your loss.

Courageous Grace said...

I am sorry for your loss, Fr. Matkin. Having lost several beloved pets in my childhood I understand how hard it is. I think God has a special place in heaven for the precious animals we know as our best friends.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Matkin and Melissa, I am so sorry to read your rabbit. I know you all will miss him very much. Sincerly, Mary Beth Troutt

dopel said...

so sorry to hear about your losing Toby-----I remember when Eddie died and it is like losing a member of the family