Sunday, January 06, 2008

Griswold at S Clement's, Philly

The Rt Rev'd Frank Griswold, sometime Bishop of Chicago and former Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church visited S Clement's Church in Philadelphia on Gaudete Sunday 2007 for confirmation. Check out Marc Coleman's photographs of the episcopal visitation here. Our thanks to the rector and people of S Clement's for sharing the sights and sounds of their parish.

I'm sure they would have preferred a visitation by a catholic bishop. It has been awhile since Bishop Parsons was allowed back to Philadelphia, but they were blessed to have Bishop Lindsey Urwin in 2005.

While I understand that there may be some lack of congruency of matter and form here, let me point out a few things in Bp Griswold's defense:

1. He is an actual bishop.
2. He is not Bishop Bennison.
3. He has the ability to do and say the right things when surrounded by the right people.

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