Friday, January 25, 2008

Keeping the Faith

Check out this wonderful photo essay from the Baltimore Sun at the Maryland convent of the All Saints' Sisters of the Poor. They are an order of nuns in the Episcopal Church who host retreats at their convent. I have not yet had the opportunity to go, but maybe some day. Unlike some Anglican orders (like the Cowley Fathers and the more recent Julian Order) who have made compromises with the faith over recent decades, this order of nuns are among those who have remained both traditional and orthodox. The former chaplain, Fr Ed Schmidt, would visit Nashotah House in the Fall and Spring every year as resident spiritual director while I was in seminary, and it was always a pleasure to have him there. I felt like he brought the love and community of the nuns and sisters with him.

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Adam said...

That's wonderful. I hadn't seen it before.