Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The proof you seek

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This post is for my friend, Fr David Madison at All Saints.' He gave a wonderful presentation recently on Bishop Fulton Sheen. I mentioned that Bishop Sheen was actually bi-ritual (a fact of which no one else in the room seemed to be aware), and this photo shows him in the context of an Eastern-rite Liturgy.

Normally, Catholic priests and bishops may only celebrate according to the rite in which they were ordained. If they participate in other rites, they should wear the vesture of their own. However, a few priests and bishops have a special dispensation to "belong" to more than one rite, usually to minister to a small liturgical community that needs have someone with a shared ministry.


Texanglican (R.W. Foster+) said...

Fascinating, Father. Did you know that the RC campus ministry at the Univ of Chicago has a chapel dedicated to Bishop Sheen in its basement? Sheen's family has given them his vestments and several personal items (presumably in hopes that they will be recognized as relics some day), and there are prayers posted in the chapel for visitors to pray asking for his beatification.

Fr Timothy Matkin said...

Very interesting. Please send me a picture if you have one.

Unknown said...

I believe that was taken at one the pilgramage of Greek Catholics in honor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in the late 50s (56? 57?) The year he attended set a record never since matched of 100,000 at the pilgramage.

Oh to have seen that "back in the day"!

Unknown said...

There is also a quote attributed to ++Sheen in the KofC Catholic Information Service about "Eastern Rite Catholics" where he lovingly encourages consideration of using the Byzantine Catholic Church for evangelism among African Americans who would "appreciate the pageantry"... I take that one in the best light possible of course... No doubt about it, we do have the pageantry for anyone wishing to enjoy!