Sunday, January 22, 2006

Symptoms of bird flu

I've come down with something over the past few days. I thought the fever was gone, but it lingers on as of Sunday evening. I thought about, what if it is a case of the dreaded "bird flu"? What are the symptoms to watch for? In the interest of public health, let me share my findings from webMD.

Symptoms of bird flu:
1. a stinging rash followed by the appearance of feathers
2. loss of normal appetite coupled with sudden cravings for worms and seeds
3. doing you-know-what on the hood of your car
4. a tendency to head South
5. sitting on power lines


Anonymous said...

Does 4 out of 5 count?

Fr. Christopher Cantrell SSC said...

We missed you at the retreat. I hope your condition has improved.