Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Finding Peace

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I've been a fan of Dietrich von Hildebrand for a number of years now. Sophia Institute Press took excerpts from his book Transformation in Christ and published it as a charming little paperback called Making Christ's Peace a Part of Your Life. I share these two quotes:

"The true actual peace of the soul depends, finally, on that superactual, habitual, constant attention to God, that sustained conciousness of having our roots in God, which allows our interior world to be penetrated by a ray of his infinite peace. This coveys to us a foretaste of ultimate harmony and protects us against inward distaste and unrest" (p. 95).

"It is the Holy Spirit--'rest for the weary, refreshment for the pining, solace in the midst of woe'--who imparts to the soul an imperturbable poise and a serene calm, the character of recollectedness, the soaring lightness of a full inner freedom. He, whom the Church calls 'light of the heart, sweet guest of the soul,' fills us with that supernatural light which takes away the poison of enmity, dispels the gloom of depression, and dissolves the spasm of agitation" (pp. 102-3).

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like a good book. Thank you for the quotes.