Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Grass is greener

I have a theological dilemma taking shape in my front yard. I am keenly aware that S. Paul says we should not boast about ourselves or anything that belongs to us. But I also know that S. Paul has never seen my lawn . . . except, perhaps . . . from above.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise!!!
We are soooo proud of you.
You are in my prayers every day and I wish you and Melisa peace and happiness.
Sue/Bob Harris

Anonymous said...

I am glad you did this. We can now keep up with your inner most thoughts. Please include personal tidmits

Fr Timothy Matkin said...

And you can keep up with my lawn.


Anonymous said...

Father TMM+,

I am struck by the depth of your writing while reading what you have preached (sorry the mind wanders at my age)....the best part, is finding the wonderful sense of humor, which is soooo needed right now!

As S. Peter wrote..."Grace and peace be yours in abundance."