Friday, June 30, 2006

My two-word review: Awe! Some!

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I'm sure a good deal of it is nostalgia. I was only three years old when the first film in the series came out. I remember when my parents' friend Spencer brought over the album with the silver shield on the cover. We listened to it and he was so enthusiastic about wanting to see the film as soon as it came out. I loved the movie too.

I am glad this new incarnation continued the series rather than reinvent it. Superman Returns is supposed to occur five years after Superman II. I really appreciate the small continuities--like John Williams' theme music, the same appearance of the titles, the choice for a traditional suit, and ending the movie in the same way each of the others did--with superman flying in space.

I thought Brandon Routh as the main character was a wonderful choice. he was very good. And his voice sounded very much like Christopher Reeve, especially when he would say "Uh, Lois." I also enjoyed the story and the action sequences. I liked the pondering moments and the Father-Son theme. I also got a big kick out of the sonic boom as he would fly off.

It is time for heros again, especially one who stands for truth, justice, and the American way.


Coppermouse Dolls said...

It was too long, but it was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

I am very eager to see it this weekend at the IMax.