Thursday, July 20, 2006

Being crushed by voyeurism

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Cartoon by Jeff MacNelly, 23 January 1998

Are we as a society and as individuals being crushed by voyeurism? I think I heard the statement on the radio the other day in a discussion about the news coverage of war in Israel and Lebanon. Here are some random thoughts.

It made me think of how Melisa jokes about me being addicted to the E! television network in their programs like "101 most embarrassing celebrity moments." It made me think how news coverage has changed over the years, becoming more and more like Entertainment Tonight. It made me think of the stories about teachers and others professionals being fired after posing risque photos of themselves on "my space." It made me think of church worship and church architecture, becoming more and more like theaters, including dramatic skits and with emphasis on the need to see and hear everything.

It also made me think of Gus, the gentle blind dog who quietly sits at the back of the chapel at every service each morning and evening at the Lake Delaware boys camp. And it made me take notice of one of the verses from yesterday's appointed evening psalm:

Psalm 119:37
Turn my eyes from watching what is worthless; *
give me life in your ways.


Fr Timothy Matkin said...

It also reminded me of how we like watching the show "Cheaters."

Fr. Christopher Cantrell SSC said...

So what's the word on the Lake Delaware Boys Camp? - you know, from Gus.