Friday, July 28, 2006

You don't think they'd need a chaplain, do you?

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If I only had gobs of cash, I'd head off to California this September for the second World 3-D Film Expo. It will be held September 8-17 in Hollywood. All films at the festival will be shown as they were orginally intended to be seen--in their original polarized format on a dual interlocked 35mm projector system on the huge silver screen at the world famous Egyptian Theatre. That means full color and glorious back-and-white images seen through the gray polarized Poleroid glasses; no color-distorting blue and red anagylph 3-D glasses will be needed for the occasion.

Among the films on the schedule are: The Bubble, Bwana Devil, Cease Fire, Charge At Feather River, Creature From The Black Lagoon, Hitchcock's Dial M For Murder, Glass Web, Gog, House Of Wax, It Came From Outer Space, Kiss Me Kate, The Maze, Money From Home, Phantom Of The Rue Morgue, Revenge Of The Creature, and Robot Monster

With many short films, including: Woody Woodpecker--"Hypnotic Hick", Three Stooges--"Pardon My Backfire", Three Stooges--"Spooks", Popeye--"The Ace Of Space", and Disney's "Working For Peanuts".


Fr Timothy Matkin said...

We just got back from seeing the new film "Monster House" in Fort Worth. It was a fun movie and a glorious presentation. The film was presented in polarized 3-D with full color and clarity on the 2.35:1 wide screen. Monster House begins a series of digital 3-D releases in the upcoming fall and new year (including the three dimentional re-release of "A Nightmare before Christmas").

Also of note was the fact that it was shown on a digital projector. The technology has really come into its own. I hate to say it was better than film. Not only could it match film in terms of clarity and brightness, it did not have the failings that film often has with hot spots on the screen and flicker from the zenon bulb.

Coppermouse Dolls said...

And the scratches...