Monday, March 20, 2006

The ordination fog

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Being at the deacon ordinations at our Cathedral recently made me think back to something I had talked about with some classmates after being ordained. I can only describe it as the ordination "fog." Some others had a similar experience, with details varying here and there. Here is what was most common:

* the fog lasts about 72 hours--some beginning with the ordination, some ending with it (as mine), some inbetween.

* the fog involves a sense of detachment, like standing outside yourself and watching your own life on television.

* during the fog there may be a sense of isolation from those close to you (family, friends) without explanation; they may experience hostilities that you feel powerless to address.

* the fog may involve heightened senses, especially hearing.

Has anyone had a similar experience they'd like to share?

On a lighter note, click here to be ordained.

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