Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What do Anglicans believe? Part 7

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The Rev'd James DeKoven, DD, Sometime Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Nashotah House Theological Seminary

At the 1874 General Covention of the Episcopal Church, Blessed James DeKoven expressed the religious conviction that underlay his churchmanship with these words: "You may take away from us, if you will, every external ceremony; you may take away altars, and super-altars, lights and incense and vestments; . . . and we will submit to you. But, gentlemen . . . to adore Christ's Person in his Sacrament--that is the inalienable priviledge of every Christian and Catholic heart. How we do it, the way we do it, the ceremonies with which we do it, are utterly, utterly, indifferent. The thing itself is what we plead for."

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