Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Kids pray the darndest things

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I've always been fascinated with misspoken prayers. Children often have the cutest ones. The other day, one little girl in church referred to me as "Father Napkin." As a child, I remember singing the camp song "Pray Zshee the Lord." Here are some other example of children's prayers.

"Give us this day our daily dread."

"And give us our press passes."

"And blessed is the fruit-of-the-loom, Jesus."

"O Lord, for give us n' hers."

And of course, sometimes a misspoken prayer really puts everything in perspective. One little girl prayed, "The Lord is my shepherd; that's all I want." Anyone heard any others?

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DP said...

The young child of a Catholic family I know was preparing for his First Confession by praying his act of contrition when he said. . . "O my God, I am hardly sorry for having offended you. . ." hmmmm. . . I don't know if a priest could grant absolution if a statement like that was made in the confessional. ;-)

I teach grade two catechism and I gave the kids last year a "quiz" with the Hail Mary written out but with some blank spots where they had to fill in the missing words. I got some interesting responses. . .

"Hail Mary, full of [oil]." (?!)
". . . blessed is the [fruit of thy loom] Jesus."