Thursday, August 10, 2006

To behold the King in his beauty

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In light of the Transfiguration theme of beholding the King in his beauty:

The Nashotah House promotional video from the 1980s closed with the acting Dean--the late Bishop Stanley Atkins of Eau Claire, Wisconsin--discussing the reason for the deliberate cultivation of beauty in the worship life of the seminary. He put it in a way that I shall never forget.

"Worship--beautiful worship--has access to the human soul which is not open to discursive reason."


Anonymous said...

Where was that picture taken? That church is very beautiful.

Fr Timothy Matkin said...

That is the Chapel of St. Mary the Virgin at Nashotah House Theological Seminary.

Coppermouse Dolls said...

The picture was taken during our wedding.

Unknown said...

where this picture taken? It is great place to see.
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Unknown said...

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