Thursday, August 10, 2006

This is the strangest thing ever

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As I was searching the internet for a picture of Bishop Atkins, I came across one of the weirdest websites out there called "Woman, thou art God" (some pictures on the site are not family-friendly, so I will not link to it). It is the website of Rasa von Werder, aka Kellie Everts--former Miss Nude Universe and "Stripper for God." Now that's strange enough all by itself, but it gets weirder. The description of her is as follows:

She is an instrument of God who seeks God above all things, and has received many graces from; Jesus, Mary, and the Holy Spirit. Some of her amazing graces are: Mystical Marriage with God, Seeing God Face to Face (twice!), and The Interior Divine Stigmata. She understands both Christianity and Yoga. Her Mission is sent by God to empower women, and to restore the worship of God as Mother.

Perhaps by now, you are thinking, "Yes, that is a bit unusual." Wait; there's more . . . much, much more. She has an extensive diary, chronicling (among other things) her face-to-face encounter with God, preaching the message of Fatima, and her gay-curing bilocation in the 1970s. While she describes herself as an "Unwashed Pagan Woman" and commends worship of the universe as "Mothergod--the second Person of the Trinity", we are told that:

Helping Souls in Purgatory is perhaps the greatest mission of Rasa Von Werder; the touchstone of her entire mystical life. She can judge how her inner antennas are working by whether or not she is communicating with them. There is an urgent need today to preach Souls in Purgatory, because the Catholic Church, traditionally their spokesman, has lain down on the job. Helping these souls is the greatest act of charity there is--and we benefit as much from this as they do. Greater rewards come from helping them than from any other action. The three things that they need are Masses, prayers, and voluntary hardships and sufferings for them.

It is reported (by Rasa) that Rasa has helped over 100 souls in purgatory ascend to heaven, including a few well known people, such as: George C. Scott, Elvis Presley, Timothy McVeigh, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Errol Flynn.

I can't go on. It's too weird.


Anonymous said...

She's a diva. She wants men to worship her and some do. Naturally, she believes in matriarchy.

What I like about people like this is that they are over the whole men and women are "equal" bit. She believes that the correct order for our lives is female leadership. At least she recognizes that one gender is supposed to lead. Of course, I don't recall Paul saying anywhere in the New Testament that women should worship men. Although, I have heard that envy can never be satisfied.

Fidelbogen said...

She's a female supremacist. That much is clear.

scapegoat said...

I finally heard about her last night and searched through one of her websites, and she sounds like someone seriously suffering from narcissism. She also totally gives me the creeps! And I am female.

Anonymous said...

This women is a straight up loon. . . Born in Germany, total Nazi trying to create a holocaust to exterminate men. Somehow in this day of femi-sexist stupidity we've come to freaks like this. For a good laugh though, check out her dance clips on youtube. See a crusty, wrinkled, stiff-jointed hag's drunk a$$ think she's sexy while she creaks around a bathroom! Wow, women are sexy??? Also, she disabled the comments on her stuff so that "LOL's" and arguements against her ignorance can't be seen. (Book Burning Nazi)

Anonymous said...

I don't think God would take it kindly that Rasa took that picture and replaced him with herself, or anyone else for that matter. The Bible was wrote by man, but God told them what to write. And God said to woman, "Man Shall Rule Over Thee."

Anonymous said...

I think it is more that she is preaching hate and stupidity when we are supposed to be moving away from that. I am all for equality, but Rasa Von Werder is not about equality. Almost all of her articles are of female supremacy that she has written along with her male hater garbage. What is equal in that or sane?

She tries to make justification for her prejudice, which is always frightening and a danger of following PC norms instead of really thinking.

Anonymous said...

I love Rasa Von Werder. She is an awesome modern teacher of what we feminists are all about. HAIL GURU RASA HAIL!!! Our fair sisterhood of the yah yah pants have come together in one vagina monologue.

Anonymous said...

BATSHIT INSANE is Rasa's Nickname. Depending on your point of view, she is either hilarious or really pathetic and sad. Her hatred of men, along with most feminists on this planet, is appalling, but even more appalling is the fact that men have allowed this garbage to become standard in our culture instead of making it every bit as incorrect to hate and discriminate against men and boys.

In the midst of Rasa's hate fest we can find her still desperately needing a man to the point of outright embarrassment of herself publicly. Yeah, I guess it's all men's fault that she's having to stoop to these measures too as if any man would want her after all the crap she has said. Check these creepy, funny and sad portraits of Rasa getting her groove on in a ditch effort to turn somebody on(I guess). WARNING THESE IMAGES MAY INDUCE VOMITING.

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic, insignificant little girl.

Unknown said...

What a meaningless little girl.
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